Rubis Terminal Code of Ethics

Purpose of the Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics seeks to unite the employees of the Rubis Group behind a set of core values, consistent with the national and international standards in force in the countries where the Group operates. These values draw their inspiration from the United Nations Global Compact. This Code intends to set out the basic rules and guidelines that employees must apply both in their decision-making and in their conduct towards the Group, their colleagues, external service providers, public officials and competitors. It does not purport to detail at length all the rules governing the Group’s operations in various countries.

Rubis Values

Rubis is founded on values, which have shaped its culture and forged its success. Integrity, respect for others, professionalism and trust; these are just some of the principles that underpin the Group’s operations. Rubis’ slogan, “The will to undertake, the corporate commitment”, emphasizes the fundamental principles of a management philosophy based on freedom of initiative and individual accountability.

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Whistleblower Platform

A whistleblower is a former or current employee who witnessed non-trivial illegitimate, unethical or illegal practices carried out with a consent from superiors and who disclose such practices to persons or institutions that may be able to effect action. The whistleblower must have the means to launch his alert with complete confidentiality. In order to meet these obligations, Rubis has developed the « Integrityline » platform accessible to all employees of Rubis Group but also external and casual contractors.

To issue an alert, simply log in to the secure website

Who Can Issue an Alert?

  • Any Rubis Terminal employee and
  • Any external or casual contractor

 Alert Categories

  • Corruption
  • Fraud
  • Conflict of interest
  • Anti-competitive practice

The Commitments of Rubis Terminal

In the event of an alert issued selfishlessly and in good faith:

  • Respect for the confidentiality of your alert and your identity
  • No reprisal
  • No harassment
  • No discrimination

The full details of the scheme are detailed in the freely accessible procedure on the website: