Major Accident Prevention Policy

Rubis Terminal Petrol is aware of fulfilling its responsibilities towards the human beings, environment and the future by performing the following provisions while providing services in compliance with the international standards with the systems developed and its specialist team in the oil storage facility owned.

- Takes high levels of precautions for human beings and environment in and around the facility and provides the entire resources required for this purpose,

- Rubis Terminal Petrol defines the entire activities that can lead to major accidents and fulfils its responsibilities for the prevention and avoidance of the accidents of such kind,

- Appoints and delegates the personnel in possession of knowledge, know-how, training and experience convenient for the positions affecting the safety and security in operational work processes,

- Performs risk assessment for the purpose of determination and evaluation of major accidents and consistently maintains it updated,

Always maintains the regulations and procedures updated comprising of maintenance, repair and suspension,

- Performs arrangements for planning of the changes or designing of installation, process or storage facilities,

- Determines the emergencies to be detected ahead of time through systematic analysis and prepares contingency plans and audits and reviews those on a regular basis,

- Monitorize the system performance for ensuring the compliance of objectives related to Safety Management System, ensures the implementation of corrective actions in the event of incompliance,

- Periodically and systematically assesses the effectiveness and compliance of Security Management System, documenting it and ensuring the reviewing of executive management and continuous improvement thereof,

- Ensures the continuous improvement of the personnel through trainings,

- Complies with national and relevant international regulations and standards,

- Closely follows the technological improvements and advancements and continuously improves the safety precautions in order to prevent the major accidents and minimize their impacts,

Our vision that we embrace and set forth provides a basis for our Policy on Prevention of Major Accidents, HSE and Quality Policies.